Here comes the exam time. The time is flying, even 24 hours seems to be less. There is so much to study; in  such stipulated time span that one is  bound to panic. As the old  proverb says Time  and Tide wait for none, so instead of waiting for extra time you should try to utilize the one that you have effectively.  Getting engrossed in the books will not help at this hour, one need to study smart and save time.  Here are some tips to deal with the demonic time period of exams.


1. Concoct a story – We still remember the stories told to us in our childhood. Don’t you think that is amazing? Well, the same is the case with studies too; if you make a story out of the text or study material then it will be much easier for you to remember it. So, instead of looking at your as a boring pile  of  text, turn that information  into  an interesting  story with  details  that can help  you etch  it in your brain. Moreover, it will be great fun and lower down your stress level

2. Read it out loud – Do not be shocked. Reading  out loud  involves  your eyes, ears and speech When you read information out loud, you both  see  and  hear  it. On the other hand, when you read information silently, you only see it. So with so many senses  involved your cognitive juices flow  and help you memorize the information more easily.

3. Use mnemonic – Remember how our teacher taught us to remember the nine planes with  the mnemonic ‘My very educated mother just showed us nine planets’. It was a child’s play wasn’t it. Try learning important information by making use of  these memory friendly mnemonics. It even helps you to summarize the information that will not overload your brain.

4. Switch subjects – Everyone gets bored doing the same thing for a long period of time. Even your brain gets tired trying  to study the same subject. Let’s  say you have two papers on one day, try to divide time and study those alternatively instead of  working monotonously on one subject. This technique will give your brain the much-needed space and time to absorb the information without getting tired.

5. Jotting down notes – Don’t worry, we are not telling you to make full-fledged notes at the 11th hour. You can just jot down the important points and be fine with it. Noting down important points makes you process and reframe the information which in turn makes  it very easy for the grey matter to retain the information. So,  next time, while you are going through the online answer key of NCERT books try to jot down the important things or make a flowchart out of the information. You will see you remember the information much easily than before.

6. Repeat telecast– Whenever you get some spare time try recapitulating. Just give a cursory glance to the already learnt material, to reinforce the information. After all, we all know practice makes one perfect.

7. Become a teacher – Try teaching a particular topic to someone. As you explain the topic to some other person you tend to understand the topic clearly.

8. Analogy help – Learn the art of analogy that is comparing one thing to the other. The comparison and helps you digest course material  by  increasing  your understanding.  Moreover just  like the mnemonics, it is a fun way, which you will surely remember during exams.

9. Summarize the data – Long topics and matter can clutter the memory space of your brain. Try to summarize the data and make brief points that will be easier to memorize. This technique helps to prioritize the important points and does not create a traffic jam of the information in your brain.

10. Regular study breaks. – You must be thinking that we are giving tips to save time and then we are talking about breaks. But, these regular study breaks enhances your productivity and improves focus. So, instead of diving into the studies and studies only  give yourself a break.


Nitesh Mittal

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