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Bustling Bangaluru

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Bangaluru, erstwhile known as Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, a state in India.

Bangalore is known as the 'Silicon Valley of India' because of its role as the nation's leading exporter of IT services. 

Indian technological organizations ISRO, Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in the city. It is also home to many educational and research institutions in India.

A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India.



Princy P. John

Princy P. John is a qualified Physicist, armed with a Bachelor of Science (Physics Hons.) from St. Stephens, Delhi University and a Masters in Physics. She is an integral part of the Science channel at Zigya and oversees Physics content for all classes. She taps onto the pulse of events happening globally on scientific platforms and brings value to Zigya with her knowledge, wit and resolve. Princy also provides key management updates of the editorial board and aids in the decision making process at Zigya.
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