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Oldest Teak Plantation

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Zigya: Nilambur oldest Teak Plantation

Nilambur in Malappuram district of Kerala, a southern state of India, is renowned for the oldest teak plantation in the world.

The place is noted for its tribal settlements, the world's first Teak Museum, vast rain forests, waterfalls and the ancient residences of maharajas (kovilakoms).

Nilambur attracts tourists because of the variety of its forests that contain bamboo, teak, rosewood, etc.

The teak plantation, called Conolly plot, is named after H.V. Conolly, the Malabar District Collector during the British rule, who was instrumental in planting teak in the entire Nilambur area. 

The plot has also been acclaimed for having the oldest living teak tree (girth 420 cms & height 46.5 meters).

Chanthu Menon, a forest officer under Conolly, who was instrumental in planting teak in the entire Nilambur area was laid to rest in this very teak garden as a mark of honour.

The plot extends across 2.31 hectares beside the Chaliyar river at Aruvakode, where a country boat ferries visitors across.



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