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Class 10 Class 12

In an organisation top level management has not distributed work among the subordinates according to their abilities and skill but has been distributed on the basis of caste and religions. Which values are neglected here?

(i) Ignorance of democratic values. 

(ii) Promotion of casteism.

(iii) Violation of secularism.

(iv) Narrow mindedness.

(v) Non-consideration of abilities.

State any three advantages of formal organization.   

Formal organisation refers to the organisation structure which is designed by the management to accomplish a particular task. It specifies clearly the boundaries of authority and responsibility and there is a systematic coordination among the various activities to achieve organisational goals.

Advantages of a Formal organisation are the following:
1) It is easier to fix responsibility since mutual relationships are clearly defined.
2) There is no ambiguity in the role that each member has to play as duties are specified. This also helps in avoiding duplication of effort.
3) Unity of command is maintained through an established chain of command.

A manager has kept all right of decision making with himself. Each and every employee has to come to him for orders again and again. Which values are being violated here?

(i) Wastage of time and resources. 

(ii) Frustration in employees.

In an organisation formal organisation is followed strictly where the employees have to work as per the directions only. The employees are performing under pressure. In your view, what changes are required in this company?

(i) Fearful environment will decrease production.

(ii) Increased feeling of insecurity.

(iii) Pressure will create stress among employees.

(iv) Delay in work.

A company has been registered under the Companies Act with an authorized share capital of `20,000 crores. Its registered office is situated in Delhi and manufacturing unit in a backward district of Rajasthan. Its marketing department is situated in Bhopal.
The company is manufacturing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).
(i) Suggest with the help of a diagram a suitable organization structure for the company.
(ii) State any three advantages of this organization structure.


The most suitable organisation structure for Fast Moving Consumer Goods is Divisional Structure.

(ii) Advantages of a divisional structure are:
(a) It promotes flexibility and initiative 
(b) It facilitates expansion and growth 
(c) Divisional heads are accountable for profits.