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Class 10 Class 12
Describe the exploration of Magellan.

1. He was a great sailor of Portugal. After a very long sail of the sea he discovered South America and Philippine Islands in 1519.

2. Magellan, along with his companions succeeded in having a round of the whole world through sea and proved that earth is round.

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Give a brief account of the expeditions either of Vasco-da-Gama.

The Expedition of Vasco-da-Gama : He was a Portuguse sailor who discovered the sea route to India by circling round the Cape of Good Hope. He reached Calicut, in India in 1498 A.D.

The main motive behind the expedition was the new lands to establish the colonies for the purpose of trade and to earn wealth. The second main purpose was to spread the Christianity.

What do you understand by the "Age of Discovery" ?

The period extending from the later part of the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century is called in history as the Age of Discovery. During this period, the new trade route were explored and several new lands were discovered.

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What were the reasons behind discoveries of New Routes and New Lands?

1. Missionary Zeal : The Christian Missionaries were inspired to discover new lands to spread their religion.

2. Renaissance : The curiosity to achieve difficult targets made the men voyage loving and adventerous.

3. Invention of Mariner's Compass : It made the sailors confident that they would not lose the way in bad weather and prompted them to explore new lands.

4. Craze for Trade: sWhen Turkey capture Constantinople and captured the old trade route, the enthusiastic traders did not lose hope. They set out to discover new routes.

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Describe the important geographical discoveries to the sixteenth century. In what ways were they responsible for bringing in the modern age ?

1. Due to the geographical discoveries the Europeans came into contact with the rich civilization and culture of other countries, therefore their knowledge immensely increased.

2. these discoveries were responsible for bringing in the modern age because the people of different parts of the world came closer to reach other and learnt about many new inventions.