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Class 10 Class 12
Discuss the contribution of Renaissance to the Development of Modern Science.

1. The developing of town by common man provided opportunity to think freely. Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler changed the concept of universe while others like Vasalius and William Harvey thoroughly worked out the structure and functioning of human body.

2. Others like Leonardo-da-vinci, Gioto, Michael Angelo created masterpieces of art and literature to understand the religion and truth in better way.

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Who was believed to be the inventor of the Printing Press? Which was the first printed book in Europe ?

Gutenberg and Castar are the inventors of printing press in mid 15th century. Their first book was Bible which was printed in Europe. It helped to increase the impetus of Renaissance in the 15th century.

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Discuss the discoveries of Copernicus and Galileo on Man's Conception of the Universe.

1. The observations of Copernicus regarding earth were not in accordance with what was given in the Holy Bible about Earth. So very soon it became a controversial matter and people were afraid of accepting his views against religion.

2. The Concept of Copernicus was scientifically supported by Galileo's Telescope which forced people to believe the theory of Copernicus.

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Write a short note on Leonardo-da-vinci.

The famous Italian Philosopher is more widely known as the painter of "Mona Lisa", a smiling lady and the "Last Supper". He was a mathematician, a musician and a scientist.
It was Leonardo-da-vinci who designed the first flying machine which gave successful demonstration and basic idea to the Wright Brothers.

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The Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that the earth was the centre of the universe.
What was the change that the Renaissance scientists brought about in this view ?
Mention the names of two scientists in this connection.

1. Copernicus and Galileo contributed tremendously in the field of astronomy by inventing new tools and implements to verify astronomical events.

2. Galileo was the first to develop the first telescope to watch the stars.

3. Copernicus was the first to declare that Earth is not flat and is not the centre of universe and it revolves around the sun.

4. Later on German scientist Kepler searched out other members of "Solar System".

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