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Class 10 Class 12

Arrange,  l, l-, l+ in increasing order of size.

Increasing size order of given series is,
 l+< l < l

Which one out of Na+ and Cl- is bigger in size and why?

The size of Cl- is greater as it has three shells (2, 8, 8) while Na+ ion has two shells only (2, 8).

Which one out of O and Se is bigger in size and why?

Selenium has bigger atomic size because it comes after oxygen in the group (O, Se) and down the group size of atom increase.

Name two ions which are iso-electronic with Ar (Z = 18).

K+, Ca2+ are isoelectronic ions.

Arrange the following in decreasing order of ionic size:

Mg2+,  O2-,  Na+, F-,  N3-.

Decreasing order of ionic size
3- > O2- > F- > Na+ > Mg2+.