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Class 10 Class 12

Arrange the following orbitals in order of increasing energy:3s, 2p, 4d, 3p, 5s


The order of increasing energy.
2p>3s> 3p> 5s> 4d.

What are n, l and m value for 2px and 3pz electrons?

(i) For 2px1 electron:
n-2, l= 1, m =-1

(ii) For 3pz electron:
n = 3, l= 1, m = + l

How many number of unpaired electrons are present in the ground state of Fe3+?(Atomic number of Fe is 26). 

The electronic configuration for Fe is [Ar] 3d5 4s2. and the electronic configuration for  Fe3+ = |Ar| 3d5,
Number of unpaired electrons = 5

How many electrons are there in the valence quantum level of copper(Atomic, number = 29)?

Electronic configuration of copper is Ar[3d10 4s1]. Thus, one (4s1) valence quantum level for copper.

The atomic number of a certain element is 17. Determine the number of electrons in each shell of the atom.

The electronic configuration of the element with atomic number 17 is

stack stack 1 space straight s squared with underbrace below with space straight K space Shell below space space space stack stack 2 straight s to the power of 1 2 straight p to the power of 6 with underbrace below with straight L space shell below space space space stack stack 3 straight s squared 3 straight p to the power of 5 with underbrace below with straight M space shell below

(i) K shell has 2 electrons.
(ii) L shell has 8 electrons.
(iii) M shell has 7 electrons.