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Write the importance of MOET.

MOET – Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer is a method in which a cow is administered hormones with FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) like activity. These hormones induce follicular maturation and superovulation in which the cow produces 6–8 eggs per cycle instead of one egg. The cow is mated with an elite bull or artificially inseminated and the fertilized eggs at 8-32 stage is recovered non-surgically and transferred to a surrogate mother.

After a brief medical examination a healthy couple came to know that both of them are unable to produce functional gametes and should look for an ‘ART’ (Assisted Reproductive Technique). Name the ‘ART’ and the procedure involved that you can suggest to them to help them bear a child.

The ART procedure used to help the couple is ZIFT, that is, zygote intrafallopian transfer. In this method, the sperm is collected from the donor male and the ovum from donor female. The sperm and the ovum are fused in the laboratory and developed till 8-cell stage. The 8 cell zygote is then transferred into the fallopian tubes of the mother for further development.

Two commons characters found in centipede, cockroach and crab are

  • compound eyes and anal cerci

  • jointed legs and chitinous exoskeleton

  • green gland and tracheae

  • book lungs and antennae


jointed legs and chitinous exoskeleton

Crab, centipede and cockroach belong to phylum Arthropoda. These have jointed appendages and chitinous exoskeleton.

Crab, centipede and cockroach belong to phylum Arthropoda. These have jointed appendages and chitinous exoskeleton.

Why is CuT considered a good contraceptive device to space children?

CuT or Copper T is considered to be good contraceptive device because Cu ions released suppress sperm motility and the fertilising capacity of sperms. In addition, it makes the uterus unsuitable for implantation and the cervix hostile to the sperms.  Its success rate is the highest and is safe.

Your school has been selected by the Department of Education to organize and host an interschool seminar on "Reproductive Health – Problems and Practices". However, many parents are reluctant to permit their wards to attend it. Their argument is that the topic is "too embarrassing."
Put forth four arguments with appropriate reasons and explanation to justify the topic to be essential and timely.

Reproductive health is the total well-being in all aspects which  includes the physical, emotional, behavioural and social well-being of an individual. Therefore, there is an urgent need to educate and discuss topics related to the reproductive health.
Following are the topics about reproductive health that should be discussed with the students:

i. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS and Gonorrhoea, are transferred from one individual to another through sexual contact. Therefore, making the students aware about these diseases will help to prevent their spread.  

ii. Lack of knowledge about the reproductive status may lead to unwanted pregnancies. Hence, it is necessary to create awareness among people, especially the youth.

iii. Learning about one's sexuality at a proper age may help the students to know about the different changes happening in their body; thereby, leading to a better mental and physical state of health.

iv. Counselling and creating awareness about reproductive health also help to curb the problems of infertility, birth control, mortality, etc.