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What is difference between surface mail and air mail ?

The mail sent by railways, motor vehicles, cycles is known as surface mail whereas mail sent by air is known as air mail.

What is parcel post ?

Parcel post is the postal facility through which articles can be sent in the form of parcels. Fees charged by the post office depends upon the weight of the parcel.

What do you mean by speed post?

Speed post means delivery of the letter faster. A receipt is issued to the sender in case of speed post.

What is insured post ?

Insured post is a system under which valuable goods to be submitted are insured against some amount. Fees according to the value of insured goods are to be deposited in the post office.
In the case of loss of insured goods, the post office has to make the compensation. Insured goods are sent by registered post only.

What do you mean by registered post ?

Registered post means sending the post under registered cover. For sending the post under registered cover fee is deposited in the post office. A receipt is issued by the post office to the sender of the letter in case of registered post. It is interest of the sender to send the post under registered cover.