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Class 10 Class 12

Mention two similarities between 
a. Aves and mammals
b. Frog and crocodile
c. Turtle and pila

The similarities between the two are:

a. Aves and mammals - They both are warm-blooded animals and have a four-chambered heart. 

b. Frog and crocodile - Both can live on land as well as water. Both use lungs for breathing

c. Turtle and Pila - Both have a hard covering protecting their body. Both are oviparous. 

Differentiate between
Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes

Chondrichthyes Osteichthyes
They have cartiligionous endoskeleton They have bony endoskeleton
They have placoid scales  They have cycloid scales
e.g Scoliodon e.g Rohu

Differentiate between 
Polyp and Medusa

Polyp Medusa
Sessile and cylindrical Motile, free-living and
umbrella shaped
e.g Hydra e.g Aurelia

Differentiate between
Direct and Indirect development

Direct Development Indirect Development
The youngs ones are completely different from their adult forms.   The young ones resemble their adult form. 
Occurs in cockroach and frog Occurs in birds, reptiles and mammals

Differentiate between :
Acoelomate and Pseudocoelomate

Acoelomate Psedocoelomate
1. The body cavity is absent  The mesoderm present is scattered in pouches and the cavity present is considered to be false. 
Found in  Platyhelminthes Found in Aschelminthes