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5 Education Tech Trends: 2016

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The world is getting a digital makeover. The education sector is not far behind. New technologies are taking education to a whole new level. The Education industry 2016 has added many feathers to its cap. Here is a list of the in-trend ED-Technologies that have made a massive impact on the education sector. Make sure these newbies are on your radar and that you are in-sync with the latest trends in education industry.

Education Tech Trends

1. MOOCs- Massive Open Online Course –

It is an online course provided by the universities. It enables students to obtain knowledge on the Internet. MOOCs provide free access to the educational material and, therefore, the possibility to enroll any course you are interested in. You can choose from a range of course at your own will. With the increasing number of courses provided by MOOCs program the number of students is growing exponentially annually. The ease, anywhere access and interesting quotient of the program makes it a popular one.

2. The era of Cloud-Learning –

Cloud-based learning has become increasingly attractive to educators. The ability to access, disseminate, and update training programs whenever they wish, wherever they are, is alluring to both the educators as well as to the students. Moreover it requires minimal software requirements. Education firms are investing into this technology and trying to deliver their courseware using cloud-based web services and remote delivery system.

3. M-Learning Revolution. –

The amalgamation of the education and mobile technology, called M-learning has introduced revolutionary changes in learning methods. Wikipedia says- M-learning or mobile learning is defined as “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.” M-learning is one of the most successful technology trend in education as it has become an active part of every aspect of everybody’s everyday lives. Several online education options are now providing M-learning platforms to allow their students to complete assignments, review study materials, participate in their online classrooms and bring fit the whole education into a 5 inch screen.

4. Gamification –

It is an educational approach to motivate and engage the students by incorporating games into education. An interesting method which caters to the interests of the students. It makes learning less boring.  Research says that Experts admit that using game mechanics to traditional learning brings great outcomes, most importantly, in motivating the kids to. This transforms the educational curricula into highly engageable user content by applying game based dynamics in the learning environment.

5. Turning reality into virtuality –

Virtual reality (VR) has become the latest trend. With virtual classrooms on the rise it is gaining popularity and acceptance everywhere. This technology provides an out-of the classroom experience while being in the classroom. The Major technology companies like Google have already capitalized on this to take this to a next level. These “real-life” virtual environments expand the learning horizon and make learning interactive and fun.

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