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5 Ways in Which You Can Make Improve English

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English is a universal  and an international language. It is the most common means of communication and  is a very powerful language.  Nelson Mandela rightly said – “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them, and one cannot share their hopes and aspirations”. Learning a different language other grooms the personality. Learning English is really important. It is also one of the top scoring subjects, only if the students take it seriously & work on it religiously right from the start.

However, scoring good marks in English always remain a distant dream and the biggest challenge for most of the students. Bu,t if they strategize and act accordingly from the beginning of the session they pass the exams with fly colour in English. Here are some tips for the students for dealing with subject effectively:

1. Reading:  The most effective way to refine your English skills is by reading. Getting into the habit of reading the newspaper as a daily activity can prove to be one of the best ways to hone your language skills. It will help you to improve your vocabulary apart from enhancing your reading and writing skills. Students can choose a topic daily to read thoroughly in the newspaper as per his or her interest. Try reading aloud, it will help them to understand the flow of words, their pronunciation, and sentences. They can pick up any novels, journal etc. Keep a dictionary handy. They should listen to debates, speeches, watch movies, news etc, which will really help them in sentence formation and their verbal skills.

2. Writing: Most of the students treat English as a language which can be rote-learned. They usually show no interest in reading the chapters of the book and understanding them.  They just engage themselves in mugging up the answers to the NCERT QUESTIONS from various reference books. They don’t even try to write answers on their own fearing low grades. They prefer to learn the crafty-language written in the different books. The result being, that they have to suffer in the writing/essay portion. Answer written in simple language which explains are what examiners expect and want. So, it is necessary to practice a lot of writing skills.

3. Speak in English: Despite having good written skills, most of the students find it uncomfortable and uneasy or shy to speak in English. They make lots of mistakes while speaking English with others. Students should not avoid speaking fearing the mistakes they will make . They should understand that when they try to speak English their confidence and accuracy also ameliorates.

4. Focus on Fillers or cloze tests : The English language is about how you use you mould your thoughts into words. Cloze tests are paragraphs with numbered blanks. It is basically a reading comprehension where a certain set of words are missing. They are easy and helps students to improve their grammar and learn the art of using the language

5. E-learning: We are in the age of e-learning , students should learn the art of  e-learning at the earliest. They will have to face many competitive examinations which are completely base on an online platform.  They can use the e-learning portals and access ncert english solutions class 10 for help.

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