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Break Away From The Old School Learning

Rahul Kumar 0

Old School Learning

Can you recall a typical classroom? The teacher is in front of the class. All students dressed in their uniforms, sitting in rows. Students copying notes from the board, the equation modelled and explained. Once in a while, you are asked if you have understood what was being taught, and there was no way the teacher could tell if you didn’t answer because the teacher can only go by the collective feedback of one large group. For the teacher to go around asking each student in the entire classroom of close to 40 pupils would have been impossible.

Come exam time, the students get into a panic state of mind; either because of their own realisation, or the environment that is created around them. The exams become a defining part of life. Nothing else matters. Though the NCERT books with the solution are available that provide comprehensive content, most of the candidates are into extra classes or the tuition centres that they enroll to familiarize themselves with questions and answers. Ironically, though, in most of the cases, the problem at school is replicated here, and not unusually, due to the teacher-student ration and time factors. It is not practically possible for the teachers or the tutors to handhold each and every student to ensure either their doubts getting cleared or that they are able to respond appropriately to the questions asked.

Won’t it be nice, therefore, to be in a situation where you are the only person in the class with all the attention focused on you!

What is being talked about is getting an education online. Today we have websites that provide solutions, keys or answers to questions in textbooks. Online education simulates sessions that cater to a single student at a time. There are many of such portals today, so as a consumer you have a choice too. There are sites that provide NCERT Books with Solution as well as question papers of the previous exams along with their solutions. This is the liberation of sorts for the students since there are no fixed schedules, regimes, uniforms et al. There is no crowd, no tussle. These sites are built to aid children excel in school and in examinations. Some of them also cater to the higher education requirements of students who move on to college and then, hopefully, to successful careers.  With computers being now ubiquitous, these solutions have found favours among students.

All you need to do a search and find the right site and get the help you have always wanted too. Find your own E-buddy that will solve all your problems!

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