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Download CBSE Physical Education Solved Board Paper

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Click here to download CBSE Delhi Physical Education 2017 Solved Board Paper

Click here to download CBSE All India Physical Education 2017 Solved Board Paper

CBSE Physical Education 2016 Solved Board Paper

CBSE Physical Education 2015 Solved Board Paper

CBSE Physical Education 2014 Solved Board Paper

CBSE Physical Education 2013 Solved Board Paper

CBSE Physical Education 2012 Solved Board Paper

One month to go for the final 2018 CBSE board exam. The exam pattern for CBSE Physical Education will be same as the previous one. The overall Physical Education CBSE board exam contains 100 marks and the papers will be conducted in two-phase:

I) Physical Education Practical Exam

II) Theory Board Exam

The practical exam will have 30 marks weightage and the theoretical exam will have 70 marks weightage.

The Evaluation Scheme for the practical exam is given below:

          Practical Exam 30 Marks
(i) Physical Fitness Test (Compulsory) 10 Marks
(ii) Skill of chosen Sport/Game 15 Marks
(iii) Viva & Record Book(File) 05 Marks

The CBSE 2018 Class 12 Date sheet will release in the first week of January.

The 2018 CBSE practical exam may be started from 20 Feb. and theory exam will be from 1 week of March.

Now it is the right time to revised or start the preparation of CBSE Board Exam 2018. Students those are looking for 2017 Physical Education practice paper can download latest sample paper set by CBSE board committee for Here.

Students can also check the solved 2017 Physical Education board papers for both region Delhi and ALL INDIA.

The marks weightage of each chapter is given below:

Allocation of Unit wise marks CBSE board exam Physical Education class 12

Part A Maximum Marks Allotment
Unit  I. Physical  fitness and wellness 10


Unit   II. Training Methods 10


Unit III. Sociological Aspects of physical education 10


Unit IV. Sports and Environment 10


Unit V. Yoga 10


Part B (Any one of these Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Judo, Table Tennis, Tennis & Volleyball.)
Unit ­– 1

1.1   History of the Game/sports

1.2   Latest General rules of the Game/Sports

1.3   Measurement of Playfields and specification of related sports Equipment

1.4   Fundamental skills of the Game/Sports

1.5   Related sports terminologies






Unit -2

2.1 Important  tournaments and Venues

2.2 Sports personalities

2.3 Sports awards

2.4Various Sports Organizations

2.5 First Aid & Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries




Total 70 Marks

Students can prepare the exam according to the chapters weightage and can score highest marks.

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