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Having a strategy that works: Online CBSE study material

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An examination is undoubtedly a stressful period for  students. A considerable amount of stress may however be alleviated through understanding the right techniques and strategy.  These techniques help in saving time and consequently have a reduced payload on the mind. Here are some of  the tips that might be helpful to students who are getting ready for  taking an exam.

strategy in the examination hall:

Seated in  the examination  hallit is  always advisable  to go  through the question  paper thoroughly for the first 10  minutes. Read the question paper, the instructions and the type of  questions asked. During this time, work out the questions that  yoare  most  likely to answer, the order iwhich youd answer them, and plan your time in the exam roughly calculating how much time you are likely to spend answering each question. Before making this plan, make sure you take a quick note of the marking scheme.
2.    Manage your time in the exam hall. After you have assigned  a time limit for each question, it is best not to waste precious  time  by devoting  more time  than allocated.  Write the answer precisely without going into the unnecessary explanations and details Move on to the next question.
3.    Structuring answers helps the examiner as well. Taking the  firsfew  minutes to plan the structure of your answer saves time and aids articulation. Writing the answer in a structured pattern will always fetch you good marks. The answer should be stated with assumptions clearly, three main points at least and the conclusion.
4.    Always explain what you are doing so that the examiner does not start getting vague ideas or  lose interest in checking your paper. Make sure that you explain all the variables that are bein used.   The  answer shoul be  comprehensive Dont  jus writ lon line of mathematics Explain what  you‘re  trying  to do with  the derivation  before you set off,  and add comments as you go Its easy, and can gain a lot of marks for method, even when the answer is wrong.
5.    Take a bottle of water with you, if youre permitted to, and sip it throughout slowly. This can help  you get through a lot  of  nervous sweat during  a hard exam. Your body and brain will work better if you keep yoursel< /span>f hydrated.
6.    IF you are running out of  time and you have to choose between two questions, in order to maximize your marks, do the first half of both of them.  You gain marks faster at the start of a question than at the end.
Most of  all, prepare well for your  exams.  For the  academics study the books, noteand the available  online CBSE study material, maintain a proper  diet, hydrate yourself, get adequate sleep and do not subject yourself to unnatural hours. If you are relaxed in mind and body, youre performance during the examination is also likely to be exemplary.

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