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Is Tuition a Necessary Evil? Free Solutions of NCERT Books

Rahul Kumar 0
Tuition is the most sought after activity nowadays for students who are preparing for their exams. Going to tuition classes or Joining coaching centres have become a trend for the youngsters. It has become one of  the regular activities  of  the students,  no matter whether its  purpose is fulfilling or not. It  may not be entirely  right  to state that private  tuitions  are popular because of  lapses  on the part of schools and colleges. It is more of a parentstudent anxiety, coupled with the paucity of time on the part of  the parents that has a buildup to the need of  tuition centres as a supplementary education system. Tuition a necessary Evil
The social structure that we have woven around us makes it seldom easy to liberate and be a guide in the academic pursuits of our own children. The supplementary system of education finds its roots in such environs and is one of  the reasons for its rapid proliferation. With the  growing business of such supplementary  system, thprivate  schooteachers are lured  with  attractive  perks, which thereafter results in a dwindling quality oeducation in the primary education centres. From an institution perspective, schools get  challenged in finding teachers orepute and competencies to deliver the instructional mode of learning.
The tuition industry, or Shadow Education as ADB would prefer to call it is a $6.4  billion industry in Asia. Today,  it is  heading to be like an  organized  sector with  consolidation  being  driven  through market forces. Some othe tuition centres, land up forming a niche for them such that they would coach students for a specific competition only. Tuition centres use their marketing skills in order to earn more & more profit and  knowingly put some  questions that may or may not be exam related, so  that they can sell their solutions books.
In the age of cutthroat competition, with everyone nursing a desire to excel in the examination is on the lookout  of  better study material  for  practice  in  limited  time.  Students  often go  around looking for them through their own sources. One of the benefits of existing in this era of digitalization is that students can get  access to content by  using the internet. There are various online platforms that provide free solutions of  NCERT books. Students can practice & test themselves before the exam. Free study material, previous year questions papers, important question banks, are available online. These websites  are also helpful  for the parents to make their children  well  prepared before the exam.

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