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Making study fun

Rahul Kumar 0

Is study taking a toll on you? Do the longs hours spent with the books bore you?

This is the case of almost all the students. They find the huge syllabus a herculean task and cannot find ways to make studies fun. Moreover, the cut-throat competition, numerous books, pile of homework and assignments sucks the fun out of the life of the student. Now the question is what can the student do to make studies fun and engaging.

Here are some of the tips that you can try to make studies fun:

Continuous Study – Say no to studying continuously for hours and hours. This drains the energy of your brain and your brain is no longer in the condition to grasp whatever you are studying. So, make a routine and break your study time into small time periods. Doing this will allow your brain to stay active and refreshed.

Break time –Incorporate breaks in your routine. Your brain and body need time to recoup from the hard work. Drink water, go out for a walk, play with your pet or reenergize your brain with some juice or your favourite snacks.

Colour Code – It may seem funny but using different colours to highlight your study material or notes can actually help. Your brain will find it easier to grasp the highlighted text. Make sure you only highlight the important points and do not end up colouring the whole book. So next time you are working on the cbse textbook solutions for class 10, keep a highlighter handy.

Memory tricks – Convert your study material to a mnemonic. These are fun to make and very easy to remember. When you make out a silly word or sentence to remember from the text, it usually gets etched into the memory and is hard to forget. So next time if you have a difficulty in learning a complex theorem then try to make out some mnemonic out of it and you will see that it is easy and fun.  Drawing a picture can also help understand a concept gives your teen a visual reference that makes it easier to remember. For science, you can draw a picture that shows the process.

Group study – Plan and break your chapter into two. Tell your friend to study and prepare half of the chapter while you prepare the rest of it. When you two are done with your bit of work, start studying together. When you explain things to your friend the things that you have studied is fortified in your brain. Moreover, when your friend explains , you will be able to grasp things in a better way. Set ground rules for the study buddies so that you two focus on the work more than gossiping or playing.

Treat – Treat yourself with some goodies once you achieve what you had decided. This instils the quality of working hard for something willingly. You can ask your parent to make you something good if you complete the task in the time you decided.



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