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How to master in Coordinate Geometry class 10 – NCERT solutions, Notes, pdf

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Math is the most important subject for everyone. In class 10, students always look for shortcut methods and formulas based on the chapter level. Here Students can find the Important formulas of Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry.

Formulas of Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry class 10 – NCERT Solutions

Coordinates Geomatery

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme And chapter wise Weightage Distribution- Maths

The CBSE Class 10 marking scheme and Weightage distribution for Mathematics are tabulated below:

Unit Title Weightage
1  Number System 06
2  Algebra 20
3  Co-ordinate Geometry 06
4  Geometry 15
5  Trigonometry 12
 6  Mensuration 10
 7  Statistics And Probability 11
 Total Marks 80

The topics and sub-topics in Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry.

7.1 Introduction,

7.2 Distance Formula,

7.3 Section Formula,

7.4 Area of a Triangle and

7.5 Summary:

Students can download class 10 solved math previous year Paper and class 10 solved math Sample Paper. We have also provided important questions Coordinate geometry class 10 for practice. 

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