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How to Motivate a Child

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Motivate a Child For a Great Life

Life is all about fun, learning new things, making friends, participating in the different competition. At every stage of life, we learn something new. The most precious and learning age is our student age. In that age, the students pretty much care free. They learn many things, good as well as bad. Here the role of parents and teachers is very crucial for the students. At every step, students’ needs some motivation. Take whatever case you want either in terms of sports, music, or studying the ncert question of CBSE social science class 10. Every place student needs a little guidance or support. Right guidance and a small push towards right direction can motivate the student for a great life.

The role of motivation is student’s life is very necessary:

Motivation boasts a student for a particular goal: When a student is motivated they will set the goals. They work hard to achieve them; no matter what will be the result comes. The thing that is important for the student is they get involve in their task, modify their behaviour in order to meet those goals and that is how they learn.

Here are some tips which help to motivate students

Reward creativity, original thinking research and innovation:  memorising is not a learning process. Our education only rewards the crammer, our education system rarely rewards what deserves highest academic accolades. Deviance is discouraged. Our testing and marking system need to be built to reorganise original contributors, in form of creativity, problem-solving, valuable original research and innovation. If we could do this successfully our education system would have changed overnight.

Teach student from out of the box: Talking with somebody that is in the field inspires them to be curious, and leaves an impression on them. But Visiting factories or labs is put a great impact on their learning. Teaching student from out of the box helps to create more interest in the particular subject. Take students out of the class and allow to explore them. Make a trip to the science museum, Technology Park and various robotics programs. Robotics is a multi-disciplinary field, which combines mechanical computers, math and electronics and science. So more the student involves in this kind of program more they learn. After this program, give a topic to students to discuss on it and involve yourself in the discussion.

Use social media to inspire the creativity: Today in the era of technology social media is the biggest platform to teach the student. When you incorporate technology into classroom instruction, students are going to have fun. Make a group on social media and share some interesting video that encourages their creativity. Share some music that helps in learning.

Communicate with your child: Have daily conversations with your child about his or her school day. Every child has the power to succeed in school and in life, providing consistent, encouraging words helps to motivate your child.

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