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NCERT solutions for examinations

Nitesh Mittal 0
Examinations are certainly no cakewalk. With the boards round the corner, there is a lot of buzz in the student community on how to bring out the best in each one. Considering the extensive syllabi and the intense pressure, one needs to find suitable ways to ace the exams. Students are always on the lookout for new ways to make learning easier and convenient.
The days of students lugging around bulky textbooks, to memorize and absorb as much as possible before a major exam, seem to be slowly and gradually slipping away to pave the way for a smarter and digitally inclined world. Smart learning, as it is come to be known by, play a crucial role in achieving a grasp on the concepts, practice leading to success in the exams through good academic grades. Effective study strategies are available through online portals and websites or guiding the students.
The resources available to students that are prevalent include both the digital and the traditional types. While there are websites providing all sorts of information and content, there are books in the market, which are exclusively being made for the preparation of exams.  NCERT, an apex body set up by the Government of India, to advise State and Central government on quality improvement of school education, publishes textbooks, supplementary literature, newsletters and other material for schools and students. The curriculum followed in schools affiliated to CBSE, is based on NCERT guidelines. CBSE study material is an indispensable part of exam preparation as they are designed for understanding the subjects in an easier way. Eventually, CBSE study material becomes the main source of information for exam preparation.This enables one to firm up their concepts in the relevant subjects.


Following the principles of time management, organization and prioritization, one can handle the pressure of the examinations effectively and also demonstrate their academic adroitness to garner good academic scores.

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