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Sivakasi town in Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu, India is renowned for its fire cracker, match and printing industries.

The town has 520 registered printing industries, 53 match factories, 32 chemical factories, seven soda factories, four flour mills and two rice and oil mills.

The town is the nodal center for firecracker manufacturing at the national level. In 2011, the industry employed over 25,000 people and some of the private enterprises had an annual turnover of ₹5 billion (US$74 million). In 2011, the combined estimated turnover of the firecracker, match making and printing industry in the town was around ₹20 billion (US$300 million). 

Approximately 70% of the firecrackers and matches produced in India are from Sivakasi. The hot and dry climate of the town is conducive for the firecracker and match making industries.

The major issues in the fireworks industry in Sivakasi is child labour and frequent accidents.

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