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Daryaganj – Sunday Book Market in Delhi

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Books are the best friend of man and a great source of knowledge, nothing beats the joy and delight that comes after reading books. Books whether old and new, it always teaches a new lesson of life. People who love to read books and want of fill their bookshelf with good books at low prize then, Daryaganj (DELHI) is the best place for them.

Daryaganj is a major commercial hub in Old Delhi most famous for the footpath Book Market that is held there every Sunday. This Sunday Market is not the kind of market like others books market seeing in Delhi.On Sunday morning big shops give way to the book market. The market opens only on Sunday as the name suggests, and the best time to purchase books there is 10 am to 5 pm.  

The books find here range from art, history, science, Architecture, Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Law books, NCERT Books and other various competitive books. Apart from these books, novels are in great demand by people who loves reading novel books. 

Book-market-zigyaThis is not a kind of big shop market where books are displayed in glass cases and helpful attendants are there to guide you. This is basically a footpath market where the new and old books are lined up on the pavements quite neatly so that you easily see all the books titles. But sometimes you will have to rummage through a giant pile of books.

The pricing depends entirely upon the shopkeeper's knowledge of the books and its demand in the market. A right way of bargaining helps you to get books at the low prize. Sometimes the best books are sold at even Rs 20-30.

Normally, school students and their parents visit to purchase academic books such as NCERT Textbooks and solutions but this place is more than that. There are shops which sell old coins, craft, paintings and other daily things at a low price.

How to get there

The nearest Metro stations by which you reached to this market is Chandni Chowk. You can take a rickshaw from either. 

Things you know about the market: 

* The Sunday Book Market is more than 1 kilometre long, so be prepared to walk this distance.
* The book market has thousands of books, magazines & journals on sale so be prepared to spend long hours across this stretch of the market.
* Sellers do not give you books in a cover/ carry bag; hence, a backpack comes in handy.

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