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Zigya : For the Curious Learner

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Zigya has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Jigyasa’, which when translated, means ‘Curiosity’. Curiosity forms the ethos of this company. We believe that curiosity is the foundation of learning, which is why we follow a unique approach to learning.

Zigya is an online platform that caters to the Education Lifecycle of an individual. The company aims to work towards universalization of academic resources providing equitable distribution of resources across the diverse socio-economic strata. The platform aims to bring together various actors of the Education Lifecycle together to connect, interact and engage – so that they can cross leverage each other and create an environment of learning that is rich and engaging thereby enhancing social capital.

The multilingual platform endeavours to instil self-reliance in students by promoting self-paced learning and having timely answers to their questions. The objective is to build an eco-system where self-realization is no more a challenge. In order to encourage inclusive growth, the platform aims to provide an opportunity to budding entrepreneurs in the education space for promoting and growing their business.

Zigya, for outreach, prefers to partner with organisations not for profit, working in the space of education where it can help them with technology-enabled education framework having the potential to maximise impact on beneficiary matrix with minimum costs leveraging technology.

The platform promotes Question-Based Learning that is a pedagogical form which is non-instructional. The content provided is aligned to the curriculum being taught in schools and complements instructional mode of learning.

Students can study and practice curriculum related content, teachers and tutors can take the help of the repository and create assignments in a fraction of the time that they take today. The platform is especially useful for people who cannot pay prohibitive tuition fees or who do not have the resources in proximity.

zigyaZigya encourages students to experience this global form of education and be a part of the learning revolution. Using the platform, a child not only learns to formulate appropriate answers to the questions but also develops an in-depth understanding of each topic in a subject. The child also builds confidence and consequently helps in transforming the society through relieving it from the fear psychosis that is promulgated for commercial gains. Zigya understands that the future of education is anytime learning without geographical or institutional boundaries. In essence, wherever there is curiosity, an opportunity to learn emerges.

Our endeavour is to make a social impact through our vision and project and make education a more value-based ecosystem.


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