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Statement and Arguments

Multiple Choice Questions


Statement: Should the pay scale and conditions of service of government employees be
made applicable to private sector employees?
(i) No, this will develop inertia, inefficiency and would adversely affect spirit of
(ii) Yes, this will enhance dedication to work and institutional loyalty


    Statement I : Many vegetarians are suffering from stomach ailments. Statement II : Many dead fish were found near the lake shore.


      Question: Should Judicial Activism be discouraged?
      Argument I: No, it would lead to executive dictatorship
      Argument II: Yes, Judiciary should stay in the constitutional limits


        Question: Should the Judiciary be independent of Executive and Legislature?
        Argument I: Yes, this is necessary to ensure impartiality in the administration of Justice
        Argument II: No, it will develop inertia in Executive and Legislature


          Question : Should right to primary education be
          made a fundamental right ?
          Argument I : We should first complete other
          developmental project, education of children may
          Argument II : Yes, without primary education for
          all there cannot be inclusive development.


            Statement: Should a strong institution of ombudsman be created in India?
            (i) Yes, this will bring transparency and accountability in the administration
            (ii) No, this will develop lack of initiative and flexibility in the administration.


              Should E-Governance be introduced at every level of public administration?
              Argument I: Yes, it will reduce corruption
              Argument II: No, it will lead to unemployment


                Question : Would the problem of old parents be
                solved if children are made legally responsible to
                take care of their parents in old age ?
                Argument I : Yes, such problems can be solved
                only through law.
                Argument II : Yes this will bring relief to old parents.


                  Statement I: The Government, by legislation has decided to make all public information available to general public.
                  Statement II: Before passing of legislation, general public did not have access to public information.


                    “Some philosophers believe that a concept which cannot be verified can still be valid
                    because of its inner logic which ennobles it.”
                    In the light of the above statement, decide the status of the statement given below.
                    Statement: “Every person has certain inherent and inalienable rights which must be
                    protected by Rule of Law.”

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