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Statement and Arguments

Multiple Choice Questions


Statement I : Many vegetarians are suffering from stomach ailments. Statement II : Many dead fish were found near the lake shore.


    Statement: Should internal assessment in colleges and universities be abolished?
    (i) Yes, this will eliminate the possibility of favoritism.
    (ii) No, teaching faculty will lose control over the students and this would adversely affect their academic growth.


      Question : Should private operators be allowed
      to operate passenger train service in India ?
      Argument I : No, private operators do not agree to
      operate on non-profitable sectors.
      Argument II : Yes, it will improve the quality of Indian
      Railway Service.


        Question: Should there be a world Government?
        Argument I: Yes, it will eliminate inter-state conflicts
        Argument II: No, Rich and Powerful countries will dominate it


          Statement I : Hallmarking of gold jewellery has been made compulsory. Statement II : Many persons do not prefer to buy Hallmarked jewellery.


            Pramesh is heavier than Jairam but lighter than
            Gulab. Anand is heavier than Gulab. Mohan is lighter
            than Jairam. Who among them is the heaviest ?


              Question : Would the problem of old parents be
              solved if children are made legally responsible to
              take care of their parents in old age ?
              Argument I : Yes, such problems can be solved
              only through law.
              Argument II : Yes this will bring relief to old parents.


                Statement: Should students’ union in colleges and universities be abolished?
                (i) Yes, it detracts students from academic and career development.
                (ii) No, all great leaders have been students’ union leaders.


                  Statement: Should a strong institution of ombudsman be created in India?
                  (i) Yes, this will bring transparency and accountability in the administration
                  (ii) No, this will develop lack of initiative and flexibility in the administration.


                    Statement I : School education has been made free for children of poor families.
                    Statement II : Literacy rate among the poor is steadily growing.

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