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Statements and Assumptions

Multiple Choice Questions


Statement : The employer has a right to reject the application of any candidate for employment without
assigning any reason while short listing candidates for interview.
Assumption I : The employer is impartial and believes in transparency in employment practices.
Assumption II : The employer wants to call only those candidates for interview, who in his opinion are eligible


    I. Cheese is bad for people with high-cholesterol.
    II. Sumeet does not eat cheese.
    Assuming that (i) and (ii) are true, which of the following statement follows?


      Statement : You can win over new friends by your warm smile.
      Assumption I : It is necessary to win over new friends.
      Assumption II : It is always better to smile warmly to new persons.


        Statement 1: All pingos are Byronic.
        Statement 2: Shalisto is byronic.
        Statement 3: Therefore_________.


          A: Lightning thunder and heavy rain accompany volcanic activity.
          R: Volcanoes throw water vapour and charged particles in the atmosphere.


            Statement : The government has decided to reduce custom duty on computers.
            Assumption I : The government wants to make computer accessible to larger number of people.
            Assumption II : Prices in domestic market may go up in near future.


              Statement: To attend a convocation ceremony scheduled to be held on Thursday at GM University, Chennai, Mr X left for Chennai on Tuesday by train.
              I. Mr X may reach home on Saturday
              II. Mr X may reach the University on Wednesday


                Statement: The next meeting of the executive board of a company will be held after six months.
                I. Existing executive board will be dissolved before six months
                II. The company will remain in function after six months


                  Statement : The patient's condition would improve after operation.
                  Assumptions: I. The patient can be operated upon in this condition.
                  II. The patient cannot be operated upon in this condition


                    I. Democrats are secularists.
                    Which of the following statements, if true, would show that the above statement is false?

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