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Statements and Assumptions

Multiple Choice Questions


Statement 1: People who read fashion magazines do not like to read fiction.
Statement 2: Tenzin does not read fashion magazines.
Assuming that Statements 1 and 2 are true, which of the following conclusions might be said to follow?


    Does intelligence predict the child’s ability to learn?

    I. Intelligence is unaffected by bad teaching or dull home environment.

    II. Children from poor home backgrounds do not do well in their school-work.


      Direction for the question: The question contains two statements numbered I and II.

      You have to decide whether the information provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

      Read the both the statements and give your answer as:

      Answer (1) if the information in the statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question.

      Answer (2) if the information in the statement Ii alone are Sufficient to answer the questions.

      Answer (3) if the information either in the statement I alone or statement II alone are sufficient to answer the questions.

      Answer (4) if the information even in both statement I and II together are not sufficient to answer the questions.

      Do habits make men’s life rigid?

      I. It is out of habit that people envy other

      II. Men become slave of habits.


        Consider the given statement/s to be true and decide which of the given conclusions/assumptions can definitely be drawn from the given statement.
        Statement: Poverty is a symptom as well as a consequence of social disorder.
        Assumptions: I. Poverty is a type of social order
                               II. Poverty is related to social order

          5.   What inference can you draw from the following two statements?
          Hybrid plants are resistant to fungus
          Fungal infection reduces the life of plants


            Statement: The next meeting of the executive board of a company will be held after six months.
            I. Existing executive board will be dissolved before six months
            II. The company will remain in function after six months


              Statement : If Ram has finished reading the
              instructions, let him begin activities accordingly
              Assumption I : Ram has understood the instructions.
              Assumption II : Ram would be able to act accordingly.


                A: The nomadic herders slaughter their animals for meat.
                R: Animals form the chief source of food and livelihood for nomadic herders


                  “Where there is a cloud, there is a rain.” Which of the following statements, if true, would
                  show that the above statement is false?


                    Statement: "Present day education is in shambles and the country is going to the dogs".
                    Assumptions: I. A good education system is essential for the well being of a nation.
                    II. A good education alone is sufficient for the well being of a nation.

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