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Fill in the Blanks

Multiple Choice Questions


Professor Ahmed ____ teaching us _____ August, 2012


    You have played a great role, for _______ your help I possibly would have landed myself into a problem


      When _____ is bliss, it is _____ to be wise.


        They live on a busy road……………….. a lot of noise from the traffic.


          A contract may be…………if the court finds there has been
          misinterpretation of the facts.'


            He told us that we should never live beyond ___________ means.


              We shall fail _______ we are industrious.

                8.   In big cities people are . …. cut from nature.

                  9.   “Between the year 1946 and the year 1995, I did not file any income tax returns.” with that [1] statement. soubhik embarked on an account of his encounter with the Income Tax Department. “I originally owed Rs. 20,000 in unpaid taxes. With [2] and [3], the 20,000 became 60,000. The Income Tax Department then went into action, and I learned first-hand just now much power the Tax Department wields. Royalties and trust funds can be [4], automobiles may be [5] and auctioned off. Nothing belongs to the [6] until the case is settled.”
                  Fill up the blank [1]


                    Ben likes walking…………………………..

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