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Blood Relations

Multiple Choice Questions


When Anil saw Manish, he recalled "he is the son of the father of my wife". Who is Manish to Anil?


    Pointing a lady in the photograph, Seema said, "Her son's father is the son-in-law of my mother". How is seema related to the lady?


      F is the brother of A. C is the daughter of A. K is the sister of F, G is the brother of C. Who is the uncle of G?


        P and Q are sisters. R and S are brothers. P's daughter is R's sister. What is Q's relation to S?


          Annu is daughter of my mother’s brother Abahi. Pari is grand daughter of my mother. Pari should call Annu as


            A is the mother of B and K, D is the husband of A. E is the son of D's brother. What is the relation of A with E?


              X and Y are brothers. R is the father of Y. T is the sister of S who is maternal uncle of X. How is T related to R?


                A man said to a lady, "Your mother's husband's sister is my mother." How is the man related to the lady.

                  9.   The son of M is the father of N and grandfather (Mother’s Father) of R S in the daughter on N and sister of B. on the basis of this information, how is M related to B?


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