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Multiple Choice Questions


John wants to go the university. He starts from his house which is in the East and comes to a crossing. The road to his left ends in a theatre, straight ahead is the hospital. In which direction is the University?


    i. Kareena’s dieting schedule consists of having only one fruit on a given day of the week.
    ii. Dietician has prescribed banana, papaya, pomegranate, apple and grape from Sunday to Friday,
    one day being a fasting day. Kareena cannot eat any fruit on Saturday.
    iii. Pomegranate day is neither on the first day nor on the last day but earlier than the papaya day.
    iv. Apple day is on the immediate next day of papaya day.
    v. Banana day is on the immediate previous day of the fasting day.
    vi. Apple day and grape day must have a gap of two days between them.
    vii. Grape day is the day immediately following the fasting day.

    Which of the following is the fasting day?


      ‘China has a higher literacy rate than India. This is due to the greater efficiency of the Communist system. Efficiency is sorely lacking in India’s democratic system. Therefore, democracy is the biggest obstacle to India’s achieving 100% literacy.’
      Which of the following, if true, would directly undermine the above argument?


        Laugh : Happy :: Cry : ?


          A, B, C and D have got some money with them. If A gives 8 rupees to B, B will have as much as C has and A will have 3 rupees less than what C has. Also if A takes 6 rupees from C, A will have twice as much money as D. If B and D together have 50 rupees, how much money does A and B have respectively ?


            If CHARTER is coded UMOEPYE then PARTNER will be coded as


              If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on, what will West become?


                If Oceans are Deserts, then Waves are:


                  This question consists of a related pair of words, followed by four pairs of words. Choose the pair that best represents a similar relations hip as the one expressed in the given pair of words:
                  SANDERLING : BIRD


                    Assume that both premises, 'No innocent person should be punished' and 'Socrates is innocent' are true. Then which one of the following options is necessarily true?

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