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Blood Relations

Multiple Choice Questions


If M is the sister of Z, Z is the wife of P and P is the son of A, how Z relates to A?


    M is son of P, Q is the grand-daughter of O, who is the husband of P. How is M related to O?

      13.   Pinky, who is Victor’s daughter, says to Lucy, “Your mother Rosy is the younger sister of my father, who is the third child of Joseph”. How is Joseph related to Lucy?


        Anand is the son of Perma. Rajeev is the brother of Prema. Neha is the daughter of Rashmi. Neha is the sister of Rajeev. How is Anand related to Rashmi?


          Chanda is the wife of Bharat. Mohan is the son of Chanda. Ashish is the brother of Bharat and father of Dhruv. How is Mohan related to Dhruv?

            16.   Ranjan introduces Abhay as the son of the only brother of his father‟s wife. How is Abhay related to Ranjan?


              A is D's brother. D is B's father. B and C are sisters. How is C related to A?


                P and Q are sisters. R and S are brothers. P's daughter is R's sister. What is Q's relation to S?


                  Pointing to a woman in the photograph, Rajesh said, “The only daughter of her grandfather is my wife”. How is Rajesh related to that woman?


                    In a military secret service map, South-East is shown as North, North-East as
                    West and so on. What will West become?

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