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Clock and Calendar

Multiple Choice Questions


If it is Saturday on 27th September, what day will it be on 27th October of the same year?


    Ram leaves his house at 20 min to seven in the morning, reaches Kunal's house in 25 min. They finish their breakfast in another 15 min and leave for their office which takes another 35 min. At what time do they leave Kunal's house to reach their office?


      Sumitra remembers that her mother's birthday is after 13th February but before 16th February but her brother remembers that his mother's birthday is after 14th February but before 17th February. On which date Sumitra's mother's birthday will be celebrated?


        Kavya's birthday is on Tuesday 4th July. On what day of the week will be Anishka's birthday in the same year, if Anika was born on 15th August?

          5.   If Monday falls on 1st October, which day will fall three days after the 20th in that month?

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