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Number, Ranking and Sequence Test

Multiple Choice Questions


In a row of 74 girls, Shweta is 27th from left end. Palak is 7th to the right of Shweta. What is Palak's position from the right end of the row?


    A shepherd had 17 sheep. All but eight died. How many was he left with?


      In a class, P has more marks than Q and R does not have the least marks. S has more marks than T and T has more marks than P, who among them will have the least marks?


        Kathir is senior of Ganesh. Ganesh is senior of Apparu. Apparu is junior of Raju. Raju is junior of Ganesh. who is the most senior?

          5.   Arun is heavier than Govind. Manoj is lighter than John. Pravin is heavier than John but lighter than Govind. Who is the heaviest?


            Pankaj is taller than vinod, who is shorter than Pramod. Usha is taller than Prinyanka but shorter than Vinod. Parmod is shorter than Pankaj. Who is the tallest?


              In the English alphabet, which letter is 13th from right end?


                There are five students - P, Q, R, S and T having different heights in a class. P's height is more than only one student. Q's height is more than S and P but not more than R. S's height is more than P. R is not the smallest. Who is having the maximum height in the class?


                  There are five energy drinks - Red, Moto, Energy, Lion and Bull containing different range of sugar content. Moto having sugar content more than all other drinks. Energy having the sugar content only more than the Lion. Bull is not having sugar content more than the Red. Which of the following drink having the second most sugar content?


                    W, X, Y and Z are four friends. W is shorter than X but taller than Y, who is shorter than Z. Who is the shortest among all?

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