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Number, Ranking and Sequence Test

Multiple Choice Questions


Among four books, Book1 is twice as heavy as Book 2. Book 3's weight is half of Book 2's weight. Book 4 is 60 grams more as compared to Book 2 but 60 grams less as compared Book 1. Which book is heaviest?


    Pointing towards a man, Ritika said "He is the son of my grandfather's only son". How is Ritika related to that man?


      Kathir is senior of Ganesh. Ganesh is senior of Apparu. Apparu is junior of Raju. Raju is junior of Ganesh. who is the most senior?


        Hitesh, Sunny, Vicky, Nitin and Bharat are arranged in ascending order of the height from the top. Hitesh is at third place. Bharat is between Nitin and Hitesh while Nitin is not at the bottom. Who has the maximum height among them?


          W, X, Y and Z are four friends. W is shorter than X but taller than Y, who is shorter than Z. Who is the shortest among all?


            In a row of books a book of English is 16th from left end of row. A book of Mathematics is 12th from the right end. If the Mathematics book is 6th to the right of the English book, then how many total books are in the row?


              P, Q, R and S are four friends. P is shorter than Q but taller than R who is shorter than S. Who is the shortest among all?

                8.   Arun is heavier than Govind. Manoj is lighter than John. Pravin is heavier than John but lighter than Govind. Who is the heaviest?


                  In a row of people Manu is 7th from bottom end of row. Shrey is 10 ranks above Manu. If Shrey is 8th from top end, then how many people are there in this row?


                    Raju's position in a row is 13th from the front side and 6th from the back side. How many people are standing in that row?

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