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Number, Ranking and Sequence Test

Multiple Choice Questions


In a row of people Manu is 7th from bottom end of row. Shrey is 10 ranks above Manu. If Shrey is 8th from top end, then how many people are there in this row?


    Pearl Towers is taller than Sky Towers but shorter than Unity Towers. Unity Towers and Cyber Towers are of same height. Pearl Towers is shorter than Indus Towers. Amongst the buildings, who is the second highest?


      In the English alphabet, which letter is 13th from right end?


        Among four books, Book1 is twice as heavy as Book 2. Book 3's weight is half of Book 2's weight. Book 4 is 60 grams more as compared to Book 2 but 60 grams less as compared Book 1. Which book is heaviest?


          A gets more marks than B but less than C. D gets less marks than E but more than A. If C gets less than D then who amongst A, B, C, D, E gets the highest marks?


            In a row in East-West direction, Dipika is on 11th position from West and Sudesh is on 15th position from East End. If they exchange their position, Sudesh will be on 9th position from East End. How many persons are there in the row?


              A is shorter than B but taller than C. D is shorter than A but taller than C and E is shorter than B but taller than the A. The shortest person is:


                If Usha is taller than Nisha; Nisha is taller than Asha; Alka is taller then Usha. Harsha is shorter than Asha; then who among them is the tallest?


                  There are five students - P, Q, R, S and T having different heights in a class. P's height is more than only one student. Q's height is more than S and P but not more than R. S's height is more than P. R is not the smallest. Who is having the maximum height in the class?


                    Hitesh, Sunny, Vicky, Nitin and Bharat are arranged in ascending order of the height from the top. Hitesh is at third place. Bharat is between Nitin and Hitesh while Nitin is not at the bottom. Who has the maximum height among them?

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