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Problems Based on Ages

Multiple Choice Questions


The ratio of present ages of Anil and Aakash is 4 : 5. Three years later their ages will be in ratio 7 : 8. What is the present age (in years) of Anil?


    Seven years ago, the age of Sahil was equal to the present age of Nihal. Sum of Sahil's age 5 year ago and Nihal's age 6 years later is 58 years. If Ruchi is 4 years elder to Sahil, then what will be Ruchi's age (in years) after 10 years?


      5 year hence, ratio of ages of A and B will be 7 : 5 and difference between their ages will be 4 years. What are present ages (in years) of A and B respectively?


        From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word:



          The ratio of the ages of man and his wife is 4:3. After 4 years, the ration will be 9:7. If at the time of marriage, the ratio was 5:3, how many years ago were they married?


            Present age of A is 2 times the present age of B. After 8 years the B's age will be 4 times of C's present age. If C celebrated his fifth birthday 9 years ago, then what is the present age (in years) of A?


              Nine years later, age of B will be equal to the present age of A. Sum of A's age 3 years later and B's age 4 years ago is 76. If C is half of the present age of B, then what will be C's age (in years) after 10 years?


                The sum of present age of father and his son is 60 yrs. Six years ago, father's age was five times the age of the son. After 6 years, son's age will be?


                  The ratio of the present ages of Arman and Ankit is 2 : 1 and the sum of their present ages is 72 years. What will be the Aman's age (in years) after 6 years?


                    Ratio of present ages of P and Q is 9 : 4. The difference between their ages is 20 years. What will be the sum (in years) of their ages after 10 years?

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