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Multiple Choice Questions


‘Soft drinks have been shown by scientists to be bad for the teeth. Therefore, the government would be justified in banning all soft drinks from the Indian market.
Assuming that the factual claim in the above argument is true, what else needs to be assumed for the conclusion to follow?


    Cataract-eye; jaundice-liver; pyorrhea-?


      You are given a 60inch long ribbon, and you are instructed to cut 60 1-inch long strips out of this ribbon. The time taken to cut one strip i s one second. So how long will it take to cut 60 strips?

        How many times from 4 pm to 10 pm, the hands of a clock are at right angles?


          Who among the following is the odd one in the following group of persons?
          Chief Justice of India, Attorney General of India, Solicitor General, Advocate General


            In a class, student X has 8th position from the top and 84th from the bottom. How many students are there in the class?


              In a bag, there are some diamonds. In another bag, there are one fou rth the number more than the number of diamonds in the first bag. If the difference in the number of diamonds in the first and second bag is 3, how many diamonds are there in the first bag?


                i. There are 3 poles on each side of the road.
                ii. These six poles are labelled A, B, C, D, E and F.
                iii. The poles are of different colours namely Golden, Silver, Metallic, Black, Bronze and White.
                iv. The poles are of different heights.
                v. E, the tallest pole, is exactly opposite to the Golden colours pole.
                vi. The shortest pole is exactly opposite to the Metallic coloured pole.
                vii. F, the Black coloured pole, is located between A and D.
                viii. C, the Bronze coloured pole, is exactly opposite to A.
                ix. B, the Metallic coloured pole, is exactly opposite to F.
                x. A, the White coloured pole, is taller than C but shorter than D and B.

                What is the colour of the pole diagonally opposite to the Bronze coloured pole?


                  A, B, C and D have got some money with them. If A gives 8 rupees to B, B will have as much as C has and A will have 3 rupees less than what C has. Also if A takes 6 rupees from C, A will have twice as much money as D. If B and D together have 50 rupees, how much money does A and B have respectively ?


                    If it is false that 'There is at least one octogenarian in the room', then which one of the following is probable?

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