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Multiple Choice Questions


A 2100 member team consisting of Team Leaders and Athletes is attending a National Athletic Meet. For every 20 Athletes, there is one Team Leader. How many Team Leaders would be
there in the team?


    Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions.
    Four friends W, X, Y and Z are students of Class 10th. W and X are good in Hindi but poor in
    English. W and Y are good in Science but poor in Mathematics. Y and Z are good in English but
    poor in Social Studies. Z and X are good in Mathematics as well as in Science.
    Who amongst the following friends is not good in Mathematics but good in Hindi?


      In a bag, there are some diamonds. In another bag, there are one fou rth the number more than the number of diamonds in the first bag. If the difference in the number of diamonds in the first and second bag is 3, how many diamonds are there in the first bag?


        In certain code MAIL is written as ZNVY then how will FILM be written in that code?


          ‘Poverty is—more restrictive and limiting than anything else. If poverty and low standards continue then democracy, for all its fine institutions and ideals, ceases to be a liberating force. It must therefore aim continuously at the eradication of poverty and its companion unemployment. In other words, political democracy is not enough. It must develop into economic democracy also’.

          Which of the following views, if true, would weaken the argument of the above passage?


            Statement: Should luxury hotels be banned in India?
            Arguments: I. Yes. They are places from where international criminals operate.
            II. No. Affluent foreign tourists will have no place to stay.


              Statement: Should the political parties be banned?
              Arguments: I. Yes. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians.
              II. No. It will lead to an end of democracy.


                A, B, C and D have got some money with them. If A gives 8 rupees to B, B will have as much as C has and A will have 3 rupees less than what C has. Also if A takes 6 rupees from C, A will have twice as much money as D. If B and D together have 50 rupees, how much money does A and B have respectively ?


                  ‘Senthil goes to Ambala for the first time in his life. On the way from the railway station to his hotel, he sees twelve people, all of them male. He concludes that there are no women in Ambala. As a matter of fact, there are many thousands of women in Ambala.’
                  Which of the following best describes Senthil’s error?


                    Who among the following is the odd one in the following group of persons?
                    Chief Justice of India, Attorney General of India, Solicitor General, Advocate General

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