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Multiple Choice Questions


‘China has a higher literacy rate than India. This is due to the greater efficiency of the Communist system. Efficiency is sorely lacking in India’s democratic system. Therefore, democracy is the biggest obstacle to India’s achieving 100% literacy.’
Which of the following, if true, would directly undermine the above argument?


    Four of the given five are alike in a certain way and
    form a group. Which is the one that does not belong
    to that group ?
    (I) 217 (II) 143
    (III) 214 (IV)157 (V) 131


      ‘Poverty is—more restrictive and limiting than anything else. If poverty and low standards continue then democracy, for all its fine institutions and ideals, ceases to be a liberating force. It must therefore aim continuously at the eradication of poverty and its companion unemployment. In other words, political democracy is not enough. It must develop into economic democracy also’.

      Which of the following is not implied by the above passage?

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