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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions

1. Errors play a crucial role in learning of Mathematics. This statement is
  • True, because errors reflect the thinking of child

  • false, because mathematics is exact

  • true, because errors provide feedback about the marks they obtained

  • false, because errors occur due to carelessness


A student was asked to calculate the surface area of a cube. He calculated the volume.
The reason (s) of error in calculation is/are
A. the student finds the class boring as he does not like Mathematics class
B. the student is not fit to study in that class
C. the student is not able to understand the concept of surface area and volume
D. The student has understood the concept of surface area and volume
Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

  • B and C

  • D

  • A and B

  • C


Students make errors while solving, mathematical problems because

  • they do not refer to multiple textbooks

  • their socio-economic status affects their performance

  • they make alternative interpretations of concepts in their attempt to make meaning

  • they do not practice enough


416-18=38 , 67-29=42

The above represents the work of a student. If this error pattern continues, the student's answer 511-27 to will be

  • 34

  • 37

  • 218

  • 718



While solving a problem based on 'Pythagoras theorem', a teacher draws the following  ABC.

Rajan argued that the ABC is not drawn correctly. The only way to draw is

Rajan has the misconception as

  • he has dysgraphia 

  • he lacks in analytical ability

  • he is weak in geometrical concepts

  • his teacher must have always drawn the triangle in this particular way


his teacher must have always drawn the triangle in this particular way

Whenever spatial reasoning is concerned it is important that the child needs to be provided with the perceptual variability, here the error is due to the fact that the child is not offered perceptual variability to the learner.


Salman solves -3-4=+7. The error is committed as

  • Salman needs to practise solving problems of similar type

  • Salman has not understood the concept of multiplication of integers

  • Salman is careless

  • Salman is not clear about the concept of addition of integers


Shown here are expressions given to Seema, Anees, Asha and Tessy with their answers

Seema 4X1+8÷2=8
Anees 6+4÷2-1=4
Asha 9+3X2-4÷2=10
Tessy 27÷3-2X3=21

Who has got the correct answer?

  • Asha

  • Tessy

  • Seema

  • Anees


A very common error observed in addition of linear expression is 5y + 3 = 8y
This type of error is termed as

  • clerical error

  • conceptual error

  • procedural error

  • careless error


Anil is able to answer all questions orally but commits mistakes while writing the solutions of problems. The best remedial strategy to remove errors in his writing is

  • giving him an assignment of 10 problems everyday

  • calling him out to solve a problem on the blackboard

  • providing him with a worksheet with partially solved problems to complete the missing gaps

  • giving him practice test after school hours, continuously for one month


Which evaluation involves gathering information about the students errors, reasons for those errors, depth of conceptual understanding, effective means of intervention ?

  • Diagnostic evaluation

  • Formative evaluation

  • Prognostic evaluation

  • Summative evaluation