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The product Y for the below reaction is


This is a carbalamine reaction. It gives isocyamide as main product.


The major product formed in the following reaction is:


It is nucleophilic substitution reaction.


The product formed in the following reaction is


The product formed in the above reaction is as follows-


The correct order of increasing reactivity of the following alkyl halides, CH3CH2CH(Br)CH3


(II) (CH3)2CClCH2CH3

(III) CH3CH2CH2Cl and

(IV) Towards SN2 displacement is

  • I < II < III < IV

  • III < I < IV < II

  • III < I < II < IV

  • II < IV < I < III


II < IV < I < III

The reactivity of alkyl-halides towards S2N depends on

(i) Degree of C-atoms: reactivity order 1° > 2° > 3°

(ii) Electronegativity of halogen: reactivity order I > Br > Cl > F

Hence, correct order is III < I < IV < II.