If you'd rather see an answer with a diagram or tables in a slightly bigger layout, use the Toggle option. 

In the Flexipad, click on the icon "Questions with Notes" to view all questions that have your notes attached for the subject and the book that you're studying.

At Zigya, you can contribute your own question and answers - that you may have either read somewhere or discussed in class. Use the 'Upload A Question' option so that your friends and peers also get to read it. You get the credits for this question and your name would be displayed to anyone who is viewing this question for years to come. 

Use the 'Calendar icon' in the Flexipad or access it from the Workspace. This will display the various events that are planned for the month. 

Click on the 'Bookmark' icon in the Flexipad to view all questions of the subject and book that you are studying, that have been bookmarked by you for reading later. 

If you would like to give some feedback to help Zigya get even better through encouragement or criticsim, click on the 'Feedback' icon in the Flexipad. We always value feedback because it tells our team what you expect from us and that makes us work even harder to achieve it. 

If you would like to change the subject or chapter from which you are studying, click on 'Choose' option in Flexipad to change the Subject, Book, Chapter that you are studying from. 

To invite your friends, use the "Spread the Word" option from either the Flexipad or Workspace. Invite your friends from Facebook or send them a mail.