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Mention the receptors for light and sound in animals.

Animals receive a variety of external information through specialized structures called sense organs or receptors. These are:
(i) Photoreceptors: They receive light.
(ii) Phonoreceptors: They receive sound.


What is the role of dendrites?

The role of Dendrites is to carry nerve impulses towards the cell body of a neuron. It receives information from axon of other neurons  through synapsis.

What is the general scheme of travelling nervous impulses in the body? Express the events briefly by line diagram only.

Scheme of travelling nervous impulse in the body.


What is the role of axon?

Axon conducts impulses away from the cell body to another neuron or tissue through synapsis.

Look at figure given below and identify the parts of a neuron.
(i)    Where information is acquired.
(ii)    Through which information travels as an electrical impulse.
(iii)    Where this impulse must be converted into a chemical signal for onward transmission.

(i) Ends of dendrites acquire information.
(ii) Through cell body (cyton) to axon and along axon to axon ends information travels in the form of electric impulse.
(iii) The electrical impulse is converted into a chemical signal at the synapse.