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Combustion And Flame

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Burning of fossil fuels causes pollution. Comment.

The burning of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum products causes a lot of air pollution.

(i) The burning of coal produces air pollution like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide sulphur dioxide and smoke. Though carbon dioxide is not a poisonous gas but excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can lead to undesirable changes in climate due to increased green house effect. Carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide are poisonous gases which affect the health of human beings. Sulphur dioxide also leads to acid rain.

(ii) The major air pollutants produced by burning of petrol in automobiles are carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and some load compounds. All these pollutants released from the exhausts of the engine into the air are harmful.

Fuel must be heated to its __________ before it starts burning.

ignition temperature

List conditions under which combustion can take place.

Conditions necessary for combustion are :

(i) Presence of combustible substance.

(ii) Attainment of ignition temperature.

(iii) Proper supply of air to provide oxygen.

A liquid fuel, used in homes is __________


Burning of wood and coal causes __________ of air.


Fire produced by oil cannot be controlled by ___________ .