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Conservation Of Plants And Animals

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Differentiate between the following :

Endangered and extinct species.

Endangered species are those species which are at the verge of extinction but are still there. They need to be protected and conserved. For e.g barasingha, lion, buffaloes etc. 
While extinct species are those which no more exist on the earth. For e.g dinosaurs.

Species found only in a particular area is known as____________.

endemic species

Migratory birds fly to far away places because of __________ changes.


A place where animals are protected in their natural habitat is called ________________.

wildlife sanctuary

Differentiate between the following :

Zoo and wildlife sanctuary.

Zoos are smaller places providing protection to animals away from their natural environment. While wildlife sanctuaries protect and conserve wild animals in their natural habitats. They are spread in vast areas.

Differentiate between the following :

Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve.

Wildlife sanctuary is a place where wild animals are protected and preserved. Here poaching or capturing any animal is strictly prohibited. It mainly provides protection to the animals. 
Biosphere reserves are the protecting areas meant for only conservation of biodiversity i.e., animals and plants and even the microorganisms. It also helps to maintain the culture of that area. It contains many wildlife sanctuaries, national parks.