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Reproduction In Animals

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In which female reproductive organ does the embryo get embedded?

  • Oviduct.

  • Ovaries.

  • Uterus

  • Vagina



Explain the importance of reproduction in organisms.

Reproduction is an important process as it ensures the continuation of similar kinds of individuals, generation after generation.

Choose the most appropriate answer :

The number of nuclei present in a zygote is

  • none.

  • one.

  • two.

  • four.



Choose the most appropriate answer :

Internal fertilisation occurs

  • in female body.

  • outside female body.

  • in male body.

  • outside male body.


in female body.

Describe the process of fertilisation in human beings.

The fusion of male and female gamete is called fertilization. Internal fertilization takes place in humans. Male releases sperms inside female’s body. Sperms and ovum fuse together in fallopian tube, during fertilization, the nuclei of the sperm and the egg fuse to form a single nucleus. This results in the formation of the zygote.


Choose the most appropriate answer :

A tadpole develops into an adult frog by the process of

  • fertilisation.

  • metamorphosis.

  • embedding.

  • budding.