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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


If Henle's loop were absent from mammalian nephron, which of the following is to be expected?

  • The urine will be more concentrated

  • The urine will be more dilute

  • There will be no urine formation

  • There will be hardly any change in the quality and quantity of urine formed


The reabsorption of water in the kidney is under the control of

  • LH

  • ADH

  • STH

  • ACTH


The lining of intestine and kidneys in humans is :

  • keratinized

  • brush border

  • ciliated

  • none of these


The yellow colour of urine is due to the presence of

  • urea

  • uric acid

  • urochrome

  • bilirubin


Bowman's capsule is found in :

  • glomerulus

  • uriniferous tubule

  • nephron

  • malpighian capsule


Glomerular filtrate is

  • blood minus blood corpuscles and plasma protein

  • blood minus corpuscles

  • mixture of water, ammonia and corpuscles

  • urine


Which of the following are uricotelic animals?

  • Rohu and frog

  • Camel and frog

  • Lizard and crow

  • Earthworm and eagle


Assertion : Phenylketonuria is a disease in which excretion of phenylalanine occurs in urine. 

Reason : It is due to dietary imbalance.

  • If both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is the correct explantion of Assertion

  • If both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion

  • If Assertion is true but Reason is false

  • If Assertion is false but Reason is true


Match Column I with Column II regarding human excretory system. Choose the correct option.

Column I Column II
i. Epithelial cells of Bowman's capsule A. Juxtamedullary nephron
ii. Extension of cortex between the medullary pyramids as renal columns B. Vasa recta
iii. Nephrons with long loop of Henle running deep into the medulla C. Juxtamedullary apparatus
iv. A fine vessel of the peritubular capillaries running parallel to Henle's loop D. Podocytes
v. A special sensitive region in the DCT and afferent arteriole at the location of their contact

E.  Columns of Bertin

F. Cortical nephron

  • i - C; ii - B; iii - A; iv - D; v - E

  • i - E; ii - A; iii - B; iv - C; v - D

  • i - D; ii - C; iii - B; iv - E; v - A

  • i - D; ii - E; iii - A; iv - B; v - C

  • i - D; ii - E; iii - A; iv - B; v - C


Thrombokinase is associated with

  • elimination of urea and other excretory products from the body

  • production of erythrocytes from the bone marrow

  • pulmonary and systemic circulation

  • cardiac cycle and its regulation

  • cardiac cycle and its regulation