CBSE Class 10

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Sample Papers

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


How does Brutus convince the Romans that Caesar deserved his death?

Brutus convinces the Romans that Caesar deserved his death by stating that it was for the benefit of his country rather than his own personal interest. He accuses Caesar of being over ambitious. Moreover, his entire speech had a declamatory quality using a language higher than that of the common tongue.



Why had Michael and his father gone to the computer fair?

Michael’s dad was crazy about computers. He had bought the latest computer which could do anything: paint, play music, create displays. He had also bought many latest psycho-drive games, and a virtual reality visor and glove. In fact, he was so obsessed that he couldn’t resist buying the new gadgets and gizmos that came to the market.



Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

At least, that was what I thought then. Now I knew that Sebastian Shultz, the boy from the game, really did exist, I’d seen the proof in the newspaper.

(a) What had Michael thought earlier?

(b) Why is Sebastian Shultz called ‘the boy from the game’?

(c) What had Michael seen in the newspaper?

(a) Michael had earlier thought that Sebastian was a boy who was a part of the game.

(b) Sebastian Shultz is called 'the boy of the game' because Michael met him in the game.

(c) Michael had read a headline in the newspaper which said 'Miracle Recovery'. According to this article, Sebastian Schultz survived coma that the doctors felt might last forever.



Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

‘Shall Caesar send a lie?
Have I in conquest stretch’d mine arm so far,
To be afraid to tell graybeards the truth?
Decius, go and tell them Caesar will not come’.

(a) Why has Decius come to Caesar’s place?

(b) What message does Caesar give him?

(c) Who are the ‘graybeards’ referred to here?

(a) Decius Brutus has come to fetch Caesar to the senate-house.

(b) Caesar asks Decius Brutus to inform the senate members that he will not come today.

(c) 'Graybeards' is a reference to the old senior members of the senate.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsLong Answer Type


Read the following passage carefully.

From the danger of losing one leg due to a knee injury to winning an Olympic bronze medal, Yogeshwar Dutt has come a long way. The freestyle wrestler’s story is one of passion for the sport and his perseverance and solid determination in realising his dream. Thanks to him, Bhainswal Kalan, a village, some 20 kilometres away from Sonepat in Haryana, has become very popular now. Yogeshwar has qualities of a champion and virtues like humility, respect for others and extending a helping hand to the needy, which make him even more endearing. His dream of winning an Olympic medal was not fulfilled in Beijing in 2008. Going through the injuries was a difficult period for him. The Mittal Champions Trust helped him when he had the knee injury after the Beijing Olympics. He had a problem in seeing due to injury. His intense desire to win a medal worked as a healing agent to all his injuries. He trained hard and God listened to his prayers. After 2008, his sole target was the 2012 Olympics. He wanted to Participate in more and more competitions, but he was pulled down by injuries in 2009 and that robbed him of nearly one year. After that, he could not reduce his weight too often to take part in various events. All the time the Olympics was there in his mind. Even when he was injured he thought of winning an Olympic medal. His back injury was a problem but he got over it. His friends and family backed him a lot. His brother and friends shared his responsibilities and allowed him to focus on wrestling with a free mind.

Based on your reading of the passage, choose the right answer from the given options to complete the following sentences.

(a) A quality necessary for a champion is ………

(i) perseverance
(ii) determination
(iii) passion
(iv) each one of the above

(b) Yogeshwar Dutt lost almost a year in 2009 because of ………..

(i) injuries
(ii) worship
(iii) loss of weight
(iv) the villagers

(c) The problem that did not trouble Yogeshwar was ………. injury.

(i) eye
(ii) knee
(iii) back
(iv) head

(d) Even during his long and lonely stays abroad ……. kept him motivated.

(i) his parents
(ii) the thought of the Olympic medal
(iii) his injuries
(iv) the thought of his responsibilities

(e) Yogeshwar Dutt was able to give his best as …………

(i) he did not have to think of his responsibilities
(ii) he participated in the Olympic games
(iii) he was sure to get a medal
(iv) he had an intense desire to win a medal

(a) each one of the above

(b) injuries

(c) back

(d) the thought of the Olympic medal

(e) he had an intense desire to win a medal


 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


I met a traveller from an antique land

Who said Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert.

(a) The poet was informed about the broken statue by.....................

(i) Ozymandias (ii) some travellers (iii) the sculptor (iv) a traveller

(b) The legs of stone belonged to....................

(i) Ozymandias (ii) the traveller (iii) the statue (iv) the poet

(c) The word, 'trunk' in this context means....................

(i) upper part of a body (ii) part of a tree (iii) legs of the statue (iv) none of the above

(a) a traveller

(b) the statue

(c) upper part of a body



Why does Lavinia feel that the Ouija board would help her husband?

Lavinia feels that the Ouija board would help her husband in writing. She feels that rather than by reading thick history books, he could write a historical novel by talking to the spirit of Napoleon or William the Conqueror, or Helen of Troy, using the Ouija board. It would also help him write his short stories.



Read the dialogue given below and complete the passage that follows.

Teacher: Why were you absent yesterday?
Ravi: I went for a family friend's wedding.

Teacher: The exams are approaching. Don't miss classes until absolutely necessary.
Ravi: Sorry ma'am. I promise not to miss classes anymore.

The teacher asked Ravi (a).................... Ravi replied that (b).................... a family friend's wedding. The teacher then reminded him (c)....................and advised him not to miss classes until absolutely necessary. Ravi said he was sorry and (d)....................

(a) why was he absent the previous day

(b) he had gone for

(c) That exam were approaching

(d) promised not to miss classes anymore


 Multiple Choice QuestionsLong Answer Type


“Mum!” I shouted. “Are you okay?” I saw her little tent shuddering in the gale and listened closely for her response. Her voice was almost casual: “Oh, yes, I’m fine.” That’s my mother. It was the first night of our cycling trip through the interior of Iceland − a region so remote and inhospitable that for centuries, according to legend, it was abandoned. The weather was decidedly hurricane-like, but Mum wasn’t concerned. Months ago, I told her about my plan to pedal across Iceland. “It will be really difficult,” I said. “The roads are unpaved and often washed out, and the wind is blowing constantly − sometimes so hard that it pushes you off the road.” There was silence for a moment. Then she asked, “Can I come?” “Sure,” I replied. “But like the rest of us, you have to train to do two 160 kilometers a day back-to-back,” “Wow,” she said, “I could never do that,” I had more faith in my mother’s physical abilities than she did. I’d seen her raise six children and put in long hours doing physical labor on our small farm. “Sure you can,” I told her, “Start tomorrow.” What really concerned me was what I perceived to be her frustrating humility: I thought her too self − deprecating about her intellect just because she had not completed college. I felt she underestimated her attractiveness just because she was not the type to wear make-up or fancy clothes. As I had grown into adulthood, the life I’d chosen seemed light-years away from Mum’s quiet existence, still caring for her children and her children’s children. Sometimes, on a visit home, I’d describe some recent trip I’d taken, and her blue eyes would shine with interest. So I couldn’t help thinking this trek might revitalize Mum, who had started to slow down in her 50s. It might spice up what I saw as her humdrum life. And it might be a boost to her tentative and retiring persona. Mum trained furiously, months in advance. As the trip roster was pared down to Mum, my good friend Allen and me, she stood as the most dedicated. Soon she was riding 80-100 kilometers per day, and was as strong a rider as Allen or I.

1.1 Based on your reading of the passage, complete the following sentences.

(a) The narrator describes the roads across Iceland as ……….

(b) The narrator had faith in his mother’s physical abilities as ………...

(c) The training to take the adventure trip on cycle included …………….

(d) In his adulthood the narrator realized that his life was…………..

(e) Descriptions of his trips always ……………

(f) The narrator was sure that the trip would ………..

(g) The narrator and his friend were sure about Mum’s preparation when …………

1.2 Find words from the passage that mean the same as the following. 

(a) noticed/became aware of
(b) to give new life
(c) hesitance/not certain


(a) unpaved and washed out

(b) he had seen her raise her six children and put in long hours doing physical labour on their small farm

(c) a back-to-back two 160 kilometres riding per day

(d) light-years away from the quiet existence of his mother, who still cared for her children and grandchildren

(e) interested his mother and lighten up her blue eyes

(f) revitalize his mother and spice up her humdrum life

(g) she started training furiously and could ride 80-100 kilometres per day


(a) perceived
(b) revitalize
(c) self-deprecating


 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


How did the mariners reach the land of ice and snow?

The mariners were drifted southwards by a 'tyrannous and strong' storm. The storm 'chased' the ship off course and made them reach the land of ice and snow where it grew freezing cold. They were surrounded by large masts of ice and their ship could hardly move in the frozen sea.