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Active immunity means

  • Resistance developed after disease

  • Increasing quantity of blood

  • Resistance developed before the disease

  • Increasing rate of heart beat


Resistance developed after disease

Immunity is described as an active immunity when an organism's own body manufactures its own antibodies. It may be natural (developing when the organism is exposed to an infectious agent) or artificial (achieved by injecting small amount of antigen called vaccine into the body of the individual).


The term 'aquaculture means

  • Aspergillosis

  • Inland fisheries

  • Marine fisheries

  • Both (b) and (c)


Both (b) and (c)

The term 'aquaculture' refers to the systematic method of cultivation of aquatic organisms to obtain the maximum yield of the best quality. It includes piseiculture' (fish farming) both inland and marine.


Which important green-house gas, other than carbon dioxide, is being produced from the agricultural fields?

  • Arsine

  • Sulphur dioxide

  • Ammonia

  • Nitrous oxide


Nitrous oxide

In addition to carbon dioxide, some other gases also contribute to the greenhouse effect. These include ozone, CFCs, nitrous oxide.


The middle piece of the sperm contains

  • Proteins

  • Centriole

  • Nucleus

  • Mitochondria



The middle piece of human sperm contains mitochondria, which are coiled around an axial filament called as mitochondrial spiral. These provide energy for the movement of sperms.


The most important component of the oral contraceptive pills is

  • Progesterone

  • Growth hormone

  • Thyroxine

  • Luteinising hormone



Use of Contraceptive pills is a widespread form of birth control. Contraceptive pills contain oestrogen and progesterone. The production of the pituitary hormones FSH and LH in the normal sexual cycle of a female is shut down by these hormones. In the absence of FSH, the ovarian follicles do not ripen and ovulation does not occur in the absence of LH.


Which of the following is mismatched?

  • Vitamin K- Beriberi

  • Vitamin D-Rickets

  • Vitamin C - Scurvy

  • Vitamin A-Xerophthalmia


Vitamin K- Beriberi

Beri-beri is caused by the deficiency of vitamin-B (thiamine). Vitamin-K is also known as antihaemorrhagic factor. The main sources of vitamin K are green leafy vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, etc. It is also found in animal sources like egg yolk, liver, etc. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and deficiency of it causes haemorrhage.


The diversity in the type of beaks of finches adapted to different feeding habits on the Galapagos islands, as observed by Darwin, provides evidence for

  • Origin of species by natural selection

  • Intraspecific Variations

  • Intraspecific competition

  • Interspecific competition


Origin of species by natural selection

Bird of Galapagos islands (Darwin's Finches) is believed to have evolved from ancestors on the South American mainland as a result of natural selection due to the different feeding niches available to them.


Secondary body cavity with segmented mesodermal lining is called

  • Haemocoel

  • Neurocoel

  • True Coelom

  • Pseudocoelom


True Coelom

The body cavity which is lined by mesoderm is called coelom. Animals possessing coelom are called coelomates, e.g., annelids, molluscs, arthropods, echinoderms, hemichordates and chordates.


A woman with two genes (one on each X-chromosome) for haemophilia and one gene for colour blindness on the X-chromosome marries a normal man. How will the progeny be?

  • All sons and daughters are haemophilic and colourblind

  • Haemophilic and colourblind daughters

  • 50% haemophilic colourblind sons and 50% haemophilic sons

  • 50% haemophilic daughters and 50% colourblind daughters


50% haemophilic colourblind sons and 50% haemophilic sons

Haemophilia and colour blindness both are recessive X-linked traits. They express in males when present in single copy (heterozygous) but in females, they express only when present in homozygous condition.


Total number of bones in the hindlimb of a man is

  • 14

  • 21

  • 24

  • 30



1 femur + 1 fibula + 1 tibia + 1 patella+ 7 tarsals > + 5 metatarsals + 14 phalanges make one hindlimb of man.