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Which one of the following is not derived from plants

  • Opioids

  • Cocaine

  • DDT

  • Cannabinoid



DDT (Dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane) is a colourless, crystalline, tasteless and almost odourless organochloride known for its insecticidal properties. DDT is not derived from any plant rather it is prepared by the chemical reactions of some chemical compounds.

Opioids (opiates) are the analgesic drugs that are derived from latex of unripe fruits of poppy plant, Papaver somniferum. Similarly, cocaine and cannabinoids are the drugs derived from Erythroxylon coca (Coca plant) and Cannabis sativa (Hemp plant) respectively


Carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis. The chemical used to remove this gas most effectively from entering a control apparatus is

  • calcium oxide

  • distilled water

  • potassium hydroxide solution

  • sodium carbonate.


potassium hydroxide solution

Like other alkali metals, potassium hydroxide combines with CO2 as such: ­


Gibberellins can promote seed germination because of their influence on

  • rate of cell division

  • production of hydrolysing enzymes

  • synthesis of abscisic acid

  • absorption of water through hard seed coat.


production of hydrolysing enzymes

Gibberellins induce the production of hydrolysing enzymes in the endosperm of germinating seeds. It stimulates the production of digestive enzymes like proteases, amylase and lipase which help to mobilise stored nutrients.


When kidney of a person is damaged, he/she invariably suffers from anaemia because

  • RBCs pass through the glomerulus

  • sufficient erythropoietin is not produced

  • haemoglobin is not synthesised sufficiently

  • iron and vitamin B12 are not able to bind to haemoglobin


sufficient erythropoietin is not produced

Erythropoietin is a glycoprotein produced by the kidney, which regulates red blood cell formation in the bone marrow. During kidney damage, enough erythropoietin required for adequate RBCs production is not synthesised resulting in anaemia


Which of the following is the correct floral formula for the floral diagram given below?


The given floral diagram is of Family Fabaceae. Flower - zygomorphic, bisexual. Sepals -five, fused. Petals - five, polypetalous, papillionaceous corolla. Androecium - ten, diadelphous. Gynoecium - ovary superior, monocarpellary, unilocular, marginal placentation, with many ovules.


Which enzyme helps in transfer of phosphate group from ATP to a carbohydrate

  • Phosphatase

  • ATPase

  • Phosphorylase

  • Catalase



Transfer of phosphate group from ATP to a carbohydrate is referred to as phosphorylation and is carried out in the presence of phosphorylase enzymes. E.g., glucose (a carbohydrate) is phosphorylated to glucose-6-phosphate by ATP in the presence of enzyme hexokinase or glucokinase and Mg2+.


The checkpoint in cell cycle plays important role in

  • repair DNA damage

  • apoptosis initiation

  • assess DNA damage

  • inhibit cell damage.


assess DNA damage

checkpoint is one of several points in the eukaryoticcell cycle at which the progression of a cell to the next stage in the cycle can be halted until conditions are favorable.


Select the animal that exhibits retrogressive metamorphosis

  • Bufo

  • Limulus

  • Amphioxus

  • Herdmania



Retrogressive metamorphosis occurs in Urochordates (e.g., Herdmania, Ascidia, Doliolum etc.), in which better developed (advanced) larva changes to less developed (primitive) adult.


Which of the following waste products in grasshopper is not excreted and is used in other metabolic activities

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Water

  • Uric acid

  • Faeces



Excretory organs of grasshopper are the Malpighian tubules and the main excretory product  is uric acid. Malpighian tubules of insects such as grasshoppers not only help to excrete the waste but also function to conserve water, which is then used in other metabolic activities. In the Malpighian tubules, bicarbonates of potassium and sodium, water and uric acid are formed during the process, of excretion. A large amount of water and bicarbonates of potassium and sodium are reabsorbed by the cells of Malpighian tubules and then transferred to the blood (haemolymph). Uric acid is carried to the alimentary canal of the insect and is finally passed out through anus.


Barr Body is found in the cytoplasm during

  • interphase in cell of female mammal

  • interphase in cell of male mammal

  • prophase in cell of female mammal

  • prophase in cell of male mammal.


interphase in cell of female mammal

Barr body is also known as sex chromatin or X chromatin. Barr body is partially inactivated and development of this facultative heterochromatin occurs in one of the two X chromosomes in interphase nuclei of human female. Any of the two X-chromosomes can become heterochromatin.