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Why did the tehsildar ask Ramlal to send his daughters to the school?

The tehsildar had inaugurated a primary school for girls in Ramlal’s village to encourage the girl education. As Ramlal was a revenue-official, he was a government representative in the town. Hence, the Tehsildaar asked Ramlal to set an example for them. 


What had happened to Sulekha when she was a child? 

In her childhood, Sulekha suffered a head injury. It made her mentally weak and simpleton. She became a slow learner and stammered. The attack of small pox left her permanently disfigured. It affected her life badly.


What role did Bholi’s teacher play in developing her into a confident girl?

Bholi’s teacher provided her the sympathy, kindness, attention and love that she needed and could get nowhere. Her own family underestimated her capabilities on account of her disabilities. She encouraged and supported Bholi. Her teacher's belief in her abilities, filled Bholi with confidence.


What filled Bholi with new hope?

Her teacher’s soft and soothing voice, her faith in Bholi and her encouragement filled Bholi with the new hope of becoming a confident, respectable and learned person breaking all the barriers.


What made the teacher take a special interest in Bholi?

The teacher found Bholi intimidated by social pressures. She had sympathy for her. She wanted to help her overcome her fears and inhibitions. Besides, it was her duty to encourage and help the weak students individually.