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Political Parties

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Democratic Politics II

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Social Science

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Explain the following terms:
(a) Defection
(b) Affidavit
(c) Ruling Party.

(a) Defection: Changing party allegiance from the party on which a person got elected to a different party.

(b) Affidavit: A signed document submitted to an officer, where a person makes a sworn statement regarding his/her personal information.

(c) Ruling Party: Political party that runs government.


What are the characteristics of a political party?

Characteristics of a political party are:
(a) the leaders 
(b) the active members
(c) the followers


Suggest some reforms to strengthen parties so that they perform their functions well?

The Reforms are :
(i) A law should be made to regulate internal affairs of political parties.
(ii)It should be made mandatory for political parties to give minimum numbers of tickets, about one third, to women candidates.
(iii)There should be state funding of elections.


What is a political party?

A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government.


What are the various challenges faced by political parties?

The challenges faced by political parties are:

(i)The first challenge is lack of internal democracy within the parties. Parties do not keep membership registers, do not hold organisational meetings, and do not conduct internal elections regularly.

(ii) The second challenge of dynastic succession related to the first one. Those who happen to be the leaders are in a position to unfair advantage to favour people close to them even their family members.

(iii)The third challenge is about the growing role of money and muscle power in politics. Parties tend to nominate those candidate who have or can raise lots of money.

(iv)The fourth challenge is that very often parties  do not seems to offer a meaningful choice to the voters. In order to offer meaningful choice, parties must be significantly different.


State the various functions political parties perform in a democracy.

Political Parties performed various functions. Some of them are :

(i) Parties contest elections.

(ii)Parties put forward different policies and programmes and voters choose from them.

(iii) Parties play a decisive role in making laws for a country.

(iv)Parties form and run goverments.

(v)Those parties that lose in the elections plays the role of opposition to the parties in power. 

(vi)Parties shape public opinon.

(vii)Parties provide people access to goverment machinery and welfare schemes implemented by the goverments.