Read the extract and answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate options:
I’ll tell you what I’ve got to do. On Monday next I’ve got to do three things.
 (i) These words are spoken by ___________ to ___________.
(ii) The listeners’ reaction to the speaker’s declaration is that they are
(iii) ___________ has made the speaker decide on three things.

(i) Mr. Abel Merryweather to his family
(ii) taken aback
(iii) When Abel Merryweather found out that there is a bidding war between his daughters regarding his property. He decided not to live as a dependant on either of his daughters.


Answer the following in about 150 words:
You are Abel Merryweather. Express your ideas /feelings after you wake up and come to know about your daughter’s feelings/ greed and intentions.

Dear John

You must be surprised to get my letter after such a long time. But frankly speaking I did not find anyone in this whole world to become a witness to my marriage with Mrs. Shorrocks, a widow, running a school in our neighbourhood.

After an unbelievable experience of watching the selfishness of my family members, I have made my final decision. Let me first narrate you the incidents that led to this decision. One day, I woke up only to find them fighting for my property. Both of my daughters and son-in-laws were discussing the matter. They were being blunt and impolite. I saw them in true colours that day. They were outdoing each other in considering me as a burden for them. They made me realize that they had only being tolerating me for five long years. Though all of them were in their black mourning dress, it never appeared that they were really sad. All of them were greedy, impolite, insensitive and dominating. The only exception was my granddaughter. So, I’ve decided to marry Mrs. Shorrocks who seems to be quite humane. This horrible experience has shaken my all beliefs.

Yours Truly